2019 General Manager’s/Sales Conference

February 17th – February 20th, 2019
Marriott Indianapolis

Registration: Sunday, February 17th, Noon – 4 PM
General Session Begins: Sunday, February 17th, 5 PM

New GM Session: Any GM that has started with us since the conference last year, will need to attend our new GM reception on Sunday, February 17th. Exact start time for this session will be determined shortly and relayed to attendees. Anyone attending this reception should plan to be onsite, checked-in and registered for the conference by 2:30 PM.

Flights & Ground Transportation: New for 2019….attendees arriving by air will be making their own travel arrangements.  Each RVP has been given a spreadsheet with attendees and amount allotted to each property for airfare as well as which markets we expect to drive/carpool in for the conference.

  1. Attendees will need to make flight arrangements to arrive in Indianapolis by 2:30 PM on Sunday, February 17th and depart Indianapolis no earlier than 1:45 PM on Wednesday, February 20th.  Early departures will not be permitted.
  2. We will be making hotel arrangements at Indy Marriott for all attendees for arrival on February 17th and departure on February 20th.  If you choose to come in any other day than Sunday or stay past Wednesday, you are responsible for booking your own hotel arrangements those evenings. If this is the case, you also need to touch base with Holly Jones, so that we can assure we have everything squared away appropriately in how it relates to our room block.
  3. We will only be reimbursing properties for the actual cost of the airplane ticket.  In order for the property to get credit for purchase, attendees must email Holly with a copy of their receipt upon purchase, so that she can credit their properties financial statement with that amount in the appropriate month.  Any overage in cost above the amount allotted per person, will be billed to the hotel.
  4. We will not be reimbursing for early bird check-in, seat upgrades, or any other miscellaneous airline expenses – even if they fall within the allotted amount.  We are happy to offer the attendees the opportunity to book their own travel.  However, as the conference budget is extremely tight we are expecting everyone to be book the basic economy/wanna-get-away/most economical fare available.
  5. Attendees will also be responsible for their own transport to/from airport and that expense will hit their respective property.

Room Reservations: Your reservation will be made for you. Again, please note we will make your room reservations to check in Sunday, February 17th and out on Wednesday, February 20th.  If you arrive in Indianapolis earlier or stay later than those dates, you are responsible for making those reservations.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Holly Jones.

Attire/Dress: Attire for the Conference is “Smart Casual” (jeans, blazers, dress shoes).  We’re taking it back to the 70’s for our Vendor Party, so find your leisure suits, bell bottoms and disco attire and get ready for a groovy night!  The awards ceremony will be cocktail/evening attire.

Breakouts/Agenda: Please be watching for further e-mails about the conference app.  The conference app will be your go to location for reviewing the conference agenda, signing up for breakouts, and other important conference related information.

    Please note whether you are a General Manager, a Sales Leader or an above-property team member. *

    First Time GM? (First Time GM's are those who have become new White Lodging GM's since last year's conference) *