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Beth White

Beth White is Chair of White Lodging and has been a part of the company since 1985 alongside her husband and White Lodging Founder, Bruce White, who passed away in early 2023. Her emphasis on culture, decisive decision making, the relentless pursuit of excellence and growth were key characteristics that she and Bruce both bring to White Lodging.

Beth’s influence extends outside of White Lodging with her leadership in many charitable organizations. She serves on the Corporate Board and Women’s Board of the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago, the University of Wyoming Haub School Advisory Board, The Big Shoulders Fund Board and is also a former trustee for the Latin School of Chicago.

She is a graduate of Purdue University and holds a master’s degree in public and environmental affairs from Indiana University.
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The Next Generation

When Bruce and Beth’s children were young, they reiterated a philosophy each day that set the stage for their family relationships and personal and professional lives: Be a Learner, Be a Leader, Be a Friend.

Bruce and Beth’s three now-adult children were initially discouraged from entering the hospitality industry, empowered to make their own path and pursue their own passions. Yet, their paths all led to hospitality and their passion for the industry blossomed like their father’s did so many years ago.

The next generation of the White Family is intimately involved in the company’s operations and sit on the Board of Directors. They remain very active in each other’s lives and each has their own niche they’re most passionate about.

Together they are committed to continuing Bruce’s legacy of growing White Lodging through operational excellence and new hotel developments.

Ultimately, Bruce’s vision for White Lodging was to create a sustainable, multi-generational, family company that is recognized as the very best at what it does.
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Corinne (White) Troise
Sales and Marketing
Tenure: 2009 - Present

Northwestern University (Creative Writing)
Top Hospitality Interests: Sales, Marketing, Branding, Culture
Conner White
Hotel Development and Investments
Tenure: 2019 - Present

Indiana University (Economics)
Kellogg School of Management (MBA, Real Estate)
Top Hospitality Interests: Real Estate, Construction, Asset Management, Culture
Otis White
Talent Development
Tenure: 2017 - Present

Butler University (Marketing)
Top Hospitality Interests: Training/Development, Food & Beverage, Operational Excellence, Culture

Bruce White: A Hospitality Icon

To describe Bruce White is simple: a Passionate Hospitalitarian. He was passionate about hospitality, family, philanthropy, and pursuing excellence in every component of his life. This passion accelerated White Lodging’s growth and Bruce’s iconic status in the hospitality industry and in business.
White Lodging's founder, Bruce White, rests against a blue and white vintage pickup truck, surrounded by fields and mountain ranges.