Bitters End

Louisville, Kentucky | Opened October 2019

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Bitters are essential for many celebrated bourbon-based cocktails. They spice up timeless favorites like The Manhattan and The Old Fashioned. Often times, they make the difference between a good drink and an amazing one.

Our proprietary brand of bitters is the central ingredient for spicing up evenings in Louisville. It’s how we connect this building’s historic past – the former home of the J.T.S Brown & Sons distillery – to its exciting future.

Red cocktail drink on top of the table inside of Bitters End bar at Louisville’s Whiskey Row.

Chefs on Passion

Bitters End is Whiskey Row’s only open-air rooftop bar, complete with a retractable glass roof. Guests are greeted with whiskey-inspired small plates, original craft cocktails, and of course, plenty of good old-fashioned bourbon – all served with a side of Whiskey Row views.

Stay up with us ’til the bitter end.

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The bar counter of the only open-air rooftop bar Bitters Ends in Louisville, KY.