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White lodging logo
White lodging logo

Porch takes its name from the symbolic entryway to the typical American home.

It serves as a connection to the neighborhood. It’s a place where neighbors and friends gather to share stories and experiences. It’s the perfect name for this restaurant.

Porch gives off a magnetic, spirited energy. The aesthetic is warm, yet industrial. Every seat — classic, wooden kitchen chairs — has a prime view of the street through massive windows. It’s the right blend of a slow-paced get-together alongside a fast-paced urban setting.

Serving comfort food and a soulful experience that is down-to-earth, Porch runs the gamut from breakfast to dinner with everything from expected favorites to soon-to-be classics. It also brings Bourbon Country to you by featuring Kentucky distilleries and legendary All-American labels.

Swing on by. Come for the comfort. Stay for the conversation.
The exterior of a lit restaurant at night
A fork with a scoop of mac and cheese
Chicken wings on a metal tray with dip