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White lodging logo
White lodging logo
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In an Instagram post dated November 12, 2018, an adorable dog stares longingly at a margarita.

If that’s not the Upstairs at Caroline brand in a nutshell, we don’t know what is. Of course, there’s more to the story than tequila-craving canines; a story that emerges in vibrant color as you scroll through the feed. Humans enjoying their favorite cocktail, a competitive game of cornhole, and the most enticing brisket tacos you’ve ever seen populate the page.

The brand, in a word, is fun. People in Austin — visitors and locals alike — are fun-seekers by nature, and the same ol’ pseudo-trendy bars aren’t doing it for them anymore. Billed on the website as “Austin’s premier urban backyard party,” Upstairs at Caroline delivers on that promise with a selection of classic lawn games, comfortable seating, and mixologists who are masters of their craft.

Breaking into the Austin social scene is no easy feat, but White Lodging did so with a bold color palette and a simple logo that sends a clear message: up. Up with your glass, your spirits, your mood, and your vibes.
A smiling woman shaking a cocktail shaker
Women playing a lawn game
Women clinking glasses with cocktails