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White lodging logo
White lodging logo

Honest food and drink. It’s a way of life at Corinne, and when you believe in it, your customers believe in it.

It’s what keeps them coming back to this cozy comfort food destination.

You see, it’s not enough anymore to just be “locally-sourced.” At Corinne, It’s about a true commitment to sustainable food and a real passion for local partners. It’s about learning the practices of your purveyors, and rewarding the ones who do it right.

And it’s what you do with those ingredients that makes the difference. That’s where the Corinne team implements part two of the honesty promise. They don’t throw you any culinary curveballs — everything on the menu is familiar, yet phenomenal. This theme of having nothing to hide is carried through in the welcoming decor, and reflected in the brand’s inviting imagery.
A dish with a cooked egg in it
A cooked pork shank dish on a blue plate
A chef grating cheese over a salad
A female chef standing in a white tiled kitchen
A smiling woman making a cocktail