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White lodging logo
White lodging logo

Not even tacos are safe from the zombie apocalypse.

In 2018, White Lodging capitalized on society’s cultural obsession with the undead, as well as its undying love for tacos. This gave rise to Zombie Taco, a walk-up, grab-and-go taqueria inspired by the food truck experience.

With a disembodied hand as its signature image and a stunning color palette to boot, the brand is not shy about its striking identity. You might see social media posts referencing the underworld, have the opportunity to cheat death by taking on a 17-lb. burrito, or acquire some swag that turns you into one of them.

To be this bold, you have to back it up with killer cuisine. Everything is made fresh with high-quality ingredients, from the craveable tacos to the iconic burritos, along with a host of starters, specialties and original cocktails.

Zombie Taco debuted adjacent to the Moxy Chicago Downtown in 2018, and its success has been infectious. The brand crept into Kentucky in October 2019 and expands to Texas in 2021. Where it spreads after that is anybody’s guess.
A burrito cut in half
A purple shoe filled with ice cream and sparklers
Donut holes in front of a polaroid camera
A worker passes a take-out bag out a drive-thru window
Tacos on a tray and a cocktail in a ceramic skull mug set on a table