From Our Chairman

If you are the next new visionary leader to be selected by White Lodging, expect to join a company with a carefully curated team that has the will and work ethic to win – just like you.

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"We build hotels that change skylines because we first built a team of leaders who changed an industry."
Bruce White / Chairman & Founder
Bruce White, Chairman of our Hotel Development Company, speaks into a microphone.

Our Core Values

White Lodging vibes with people who are drawn to hospitality jobs — people just like you, who like to make others feel comfortable and welcomed. Success is a given when we connect with associates who have this hospitable nature and personify our core values:

  • Driven
  • Excellence
  • Genuine Care
  • Growth
  • Integrity

We have learned that the associates who embody these values experience success that knows no boundaries.

Interior lantern lights hanging at the Louisville Aloft.


Still searching for a reason to apply? There are plenty.

  • On Growth

    We have a history of sustainable, strategic growth focusing on growth every year since inception defying the darkest of economic recessions.

  • On Opportunity

    Our growth is strategic – not simply for growth’s sake.  What we do always improves portfolio and partner value.  Our growth creates opportunity and accelerates career development.

  • On Training

    We understand and live the idea that our expectations for performance can never exceed the quality of our training. We work hard to support your growth and success because we understand the organization’s performance and growth is dependent on your own. We do more than provide opportunity, we invest heavily in your success.

  • On Reputation

    Our brand is your brand. White Lodging is a recognized industry leader developing, owning and operating the most respected brands in the industry. People know we are selective and that we develop effective leaders. Our reputation enhances yours. In a sense, we are the Harvard of hospitality.

  • On Investment and Stability

    Our ownership structure is built for the long term and the White family invests and manages to support a high-performing, multi-generational industry leader. No short cuts are taken nor values ignored. Stability in ownership and strategy benefits your career. You can work across the country, in urban or suburban hotels or at corporate, in a variety of positions, with as much challenge as you want to take on – all at one company.

  • On Selectivity

    We are highly selective and hire for talent to always enhance our organizational capability that supports our growth, quality and relationship objectives. You will be surrounded by like-minded people that share your values and commitment to contribute and grow. We like to have fun and celebrate our success.

  • On Our Approach

    Our proprietary approaches in F&B, development and management are industry-leading and highly profitable. The success of our food and beverage is rooted in a deep commitment to and passion for food. We support this with strong corporate investment in our test kitchen staffed with talented, innovative chefs continuously working to improve our quality and presentation. We manage towards consistent growth in sales and favorable mix of sales. We manage our development processes such that we achieve double digit ROI on hotel properties before the doors open. And our management standards are the highest in the industry. All of this means more opportunity for you.

The Next Chapter Starts Here

Success stories at White Lodging are no anomaly. Featured below are several of our passionate associates, whose jobs in hospitality became fulfilling careers. Countless others are currently in the making. Yours is next.

Company Culture

At White Lodging, we focus on our teams.  In an organization this size, no single individual stands out above the team.  Because we know that, we encourage and celebrate both personal and company successes, together.

  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards, but with those high standards come high rewards.  You’ll see this mentality in our hiring process, the attention to detail in our hotels and across any department you join.
  • We believe that we derive great strength from combining the best of each of the brands we represent into the White Lodging Way.  We put that shared knowledge to use to consistently exceed expectations in the operation of our hotels.
  • We take pride in providing a welcoming environment to each guest that enters our doors, and we know that providing that environment starts with providing the same environment to our associates and encouraging it in our communities.

Talent Development/Training

Career acceleration is in the works from day one. White Lodging celebrates the success of our associates, so you get the industry’s best training and brightest minds to help foster your growth. Working at one of the most successful hospitality management companies means you’re exposed to innovative practices and influential people.  We make significant investments in providing each associate industry-leading tools and resources that are specifically crafted to White Lodging.

We also believe in the power of continued education. That spark you have on your first day is what drives this machine, so we make sure you have the opportunity to recharge it early and often. Training is not complete after the first six months on the job; it is a career-long journey.  Along that journey, we strive to pair each associate with a trusted mentor that can guide them. We expect that each and every associate will continue their personal and professional growth while with us.  Because we take training, development and mentorship very seriously, we insist that you share our desire to continually improve.

Our goal is to make our associates the most sought after in the industry, although they have no desire to leave.

Where Do You Want to Work?

Skylines are evolving all over the country, and so too are jobs in hospitality. Click on a location to learn more about each locale and its cultural landscape. These profiles showcase our industry’s dynamic differences throughout the U.S., but one thing is constant across the board — your talent will be a valuable asset no matter the market.

Premium Brands in Premium Locations Across The U.S.

White Lodging has worked hard to become one of the country’s leading hospitality companies, and we’re fortunate to have strong relationships with the top brands. These names hold tremendous weight in the industry and with our associates. When you work for White Lodging, you have the opportunity to be enriched by these powerful, career-building partnerships.


With 10 new hotels coming over the next 24 months, we will add thousands of the best of the best to our team.

There are numerous hospitality jobs that fit your skill set, and more to come as we grow and develop. Click to get started on a journey where success knows no boundaries.

Apply Now


A shot looking through a doorway at the JW Marriot with arm chairs in the foreground and people walking through the Lobby in the background.


Because every job in hospitality is unique, White Lodging employs a thorough interview process to get to know our future associates.

  • Application


    It all starts with a standard application. Get started now.

  • Screening Interview

    This is our first chance to get to know you and understand your interest in White Lodging. It is typically done by a hiring manager over the phone and can take about an hour.

  • Assessments

    You will be given two assessments to measure critical thinking and decision making. These help us uncover additional information that may not show up in a traditional interview or resumé.

  • In-Depth Topgrading Interview

    You will then spend a few hours with two current employees, who will assess your skills and experience, and evaluate your ability to excel in this position.

  • Business Psychologist Interview

    If you’re considering a more senior position in hospitality management, you’ll meet with a business psychologist to review strengths and weaknesses that may not be evident in a traditional interview.

  • Offer

    If you are the right candidate, we will extend a written offer!

Campus Recruiting

For current college students or recent graduates, the hiring process is slightly different.  Our recruiters spend time on campuses throughout the country during the school year making connections, providing education on White Lodging and identifying the best candidates for internship and entry-level management opportunities.  A typical path looks something like this.

  • Campus contact through a career fair or White Lodging info session
  • Prescreen interview
  • Online assessments
  • Formal interview during a summit event at a White Lodging property (management opportunities only)
  • Offer

Choosing a college was a tough decision.  Now its time to make a bigger one.  It’s important to align yourself with a growth-minded company that allows you the opportunity to build a career.

Your first job out of college is a key milestone in a fulfilling career, so don’t settle for a mere stepping stone. At White Lodging, we consistently place new grads into high-impact hospitality jobs that are fueled by fresh ideas. Some highlights that new grads experience include new property development, creative food & beverage concepts, and opportunities to travel and live all over the country.


  • How long is an internship?

    We require a minimum 10-week commitment to be considered for a White Lodging internship. Internship requests exceeding ten weeks will be taken into consideration based upon property needs.

    If you are pursuing a J1s International Internship, the length is 12 months.

  • Will I get paid during my internship?

    YES – All internships, including J1s, are paid positions. We will agree upon an hourly rate and pay on a biweekly cycle. Rates of pay differ based upon the position and the property.

  • In what departments can I work?

    Our interns are placed in positions throughout the hotel including Front Desk, Housekeeping, Rooms, Food & Beverage, Banquets, Culinary, Sales (Limited) and Finance/Accounting (Limited).

    For international interns, we offer 4 different internships:

    1. Front Office
    2. Food & Beverage
    3. Culinary
    4. Hotel Rotation – select service-only
  • Will I be exposed to multiple departments?

    In our normal 10-week internship program there is opportunity for cross-training, dependent upon the intern’s past experience, the length of the internship and the needs of the property.

    For international internships, a specific training plan is developed and approved through embassies.

  • Is housing provided by White Lodging?

    For typical college internships, Brush Creek Ranch is our only property that provides housing.  At other properties, the intern is responsible for securing and paying for housing during the internship.  You are welcome to have your own vehicle, but depending on the market, we recommend considering parking fees & availability when making that decision.

    For J1s interns, we arrange to pick you up from the airport when you arrive in the United States.  We provide up to 2 weeks stay in the hotel upon arrival.  During this time, you will have the opportunity to find suitable housing in the local area that is convenient to the hotel.

  • Where are Internships available?

    College internships are available across many of our properties and in multiple markets where White Lodging operates.  We will take into consideration your desired locations, skillsets you are looking to grow, housing availability, property needs and the best learning opportunity when assigning internships.  Securing housing is recommended and appreciated prior to accepting an offer.

    J1s internships are available in cities where White Lodging has opportunities available.