Our Core Values

White Lodging vibes with people who are drawn to hospitality jobs — people just like you, who like to make others feel comfortable and welcomed. Success is a given when we connect with associates who have this hospitable nature and personify our core values:

  • Leadership Excellence
  • Accountability
  • Ethics
  • Impact
  • Growth
  • Genuine Care

We have learned that the associates who embody these values experience success that knows no boundaries.


Because every job in hospitality is unique, White Lodging employs a thorough interview process to get to know our future associates.


    Because every job in hospitality is unique, White Lodging employs a thorough interview process to get to know our future associates.

  • Application

    It all starts with a standard application. Get started now.

  • Screening Interview

    This is our first chance to get to know you and understand your interest in White Lodging. It is typically done by a hiring manager over the phone and can take about an hour.

  • Assessments

    You will be given two assessments to measure critical thinking and decision making. These help us uncover additional information that may not show up in a traditional interview or resumé.

  • In-depth Topgrading Interview

    You will then spend a few hours with two current employees, who will assess your skills and experience, and evaluate your ability to excel in this position.

  • Business Psychologist Interview

    If you’re considering a more senior position in hospitality management, you’ll meet with a business psychologist to review strengths and weaknesses that may not be evident in a traditional interview.

  • Offer

    If you are the right candidate, we will extend a written offer!

The Next Chapter Starts Here

Success stories at White Lodging are no anomaly. Featured below are several of our passionate associates, whose jobs in hospitality became fulfilling careers. Countless others are currently in the making. Yours is next.

New Grads

Choosing a college was a tough decision.  Now its time to make a bigger one.  It’s important to align yourself with a growth-minded company that allows you the opportunity to build a career.

Your first job out of college is a key milestone in a fulfilling career, so don’t settle for a mere stepping stone. At White Lodging, we consistently place new grads into high-impact hospitality jobs that are fueled by fresh ideas. Some highlights that new grads experience include new property development, creative food & beverage concepts, and opportunities to travel and live all over the country.

Talent Development/Training

Career acceleration is in the works from day one. White Lodging celebrates the success of our associates, so you get the industry’s best training and brightest minds to help foster your growth. Working at one of the most successful hospitality management companies means you’re exposed to the industry’s most innovative practices and influential people.

We also believe in the power of continued education. That spark you have on your first day is what drives this machine, so we make sure you have the opportunity to recharge it early and often. Our goal is to make our associates the most sought after in the industry, but unwilling to leave.

Where Do You Want to Work?

Skylines are evolving all over the country, and so too are jobs in hospitality. Click on a city to learn more about each locale and its cultural landscape. These profiles showcase our industry’s dynamic differences throughout the U.S., but one thing is constant across the board — your talent will be a valuable asset no matter the market.

Premium Brands in Premium Locations Across The U.S.

White Lodging has worked hard to become one of the country’s leading hospitality companies, and we’re fortunate to have strong relationships with the top brands. These names hold tremendous weight in the industry and with our associates. When you work for White Lodging, you have the opportunity to be enriched by these powerful, career-building partnerships.