Burger Bar

First Opened 2015 in Austin, TX

Apply at: Campus, Austin | Congress, Austin | Jefferson, Ft. Wayne

The best burgers aren’t served with white gloves. They aren’t meant to be enjoyed with the manners of a high-society dinner party. They shouldn’t be eaten by snobs who can’t appreciate a juicy work of art for the masterpiece that it is. In our world, messy burgers mean happy faces.

Burger Bar — a food truck-inspired spot boasting two locations – one in Austin (with a second on the way) and one in Fort Wayne, Indiana — is where burger aficionados come to pay homage to peak American cuisine. Premium beef and brisket. Regional ingredients. Handcrafted gourmet that’s made to be eaten with your hands.

White Lodging Eats

Burger Bar on Congress

There’s a reason we serve it up in a setting inspired by a food truck — it’s the ultimate food enjoyment zone. The interior is casual yet lively; it brings in classic design elements such as subway tile, wood tones, and stainless steel. The artwork is clever, cool and crafted with illustrated imagery. Clever phrases and quips can be found here, there and everywhere.

Burger Bar invites you to live it up. Get some ketchup on your hands and mustard on your cheek. You can always wipe it off. Or don’t. We won’t judge.

Eat at: Burger Bar on Congress | Burger Bar on Jefferson

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