A black and white picture of Bruce White, Chairman of our hospitality development company, White Lodging.


I started this company more than 30 years ago, knowing I wanted to build something extraordinary – something that mattered. In the early days, I was not sure how we would get there, but with determination we made each deal, managed each property, and welcomed each guest, understanding that the sum of our actions would amount to our success. I can proudly say that today we have created a company made great by more than 8,500 associates, and what we are doing is bigger than all of us. We build hotels that change skylines because we first built a team of leaders who changed an industry. We never have and never will hire for need. We recruit and select exemplary candidates who do not settle for less and for whom success knows no boundaries because that is who we are.

Our story continues to unfold each day, with each new hire. If you are the next new visionary leader to be selected by White Lodging, expect to join a company with a carefully curated team that has the will and work ethic to win – just like you.

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