Jennifer Etzkin

Executive Chef, Corner

Chef Jennifer brings a wealth of culinary experience to the table in her role as Executive Chef at Corner. Finishing at the top of her class at both the North Carolina School of Arts and The Institute of Culinary Educations of New York City, spending four years in leadership with the Hillstone Restaurant group and serving as Director of Management Training at the East Hampton Grill all prepared her well to open what would soon become one of the top restaurant and bar destinations in Austin.

Jennifer knows the importance of sticking to the classics in the kitchen – whether it be home enthusiasts getting their start with the classics, her ‘Death Row’ meal being the Red Beans and Rice that her dad makes, or the inspiration she draws on to develop the amazing menu at Corner.

Outside of the kitchen at Corner, you might find Jennifer playing with her dog, a chow mix named Foxy, working on the vegetable garden in her yard at home or checking out some of her favorite Austin bars, like Wistler’s. For women aspiring to follow her lead in the culinary business, Jennifer says to “just put your head down and work and run circles around everybody, both boys and girls.”

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