What is a hospitalitarian?

A hospitalitarian brings the virtue of hospitality to life.  Someone who, in their DNA, feels good by making other people feel good.  Here at White Lodging, we know that business, like life, is how you make people feel.  Everything we do is aimed to create the GRIT, the HEART and the SKILLS to build a company of hospitalitarians.

The Grit

We’re a place for the best of the best.  It will take grit, determination and perseverance but, at the end of the day, you will be one of the most sought-after leaders in the industry, surrounded by like-minded people that have the will and work ethic to win – just like you.

Our Values


The Heart

We believe that passionate people are the most successful, both in their personal lives and at work.  Through genuine care and a deep passion for people, we work to build each other and our communities up and invest in causes that capture our imagination and advance our communities.

Community Engagement


The Skills

We expect extraordinary things from our associates.  We set expectations and expect you to achieve them, empowered with the tools, resources and support of the entire company.  From your first day to your last, our training and development programs are in place to enable you to achieve your best and grow each and every day.

Talent Development


To understand who White Lodging is starts with understanding our core values, deeply engrained in how we approach each day, each challenge and each opportunity. These are the building blocks of White Lodging’s culture and are carried out by our associates every day.

  • We are DRIVEN

    We have an unwavering commitment to making an impact through our passion and grit.

  • We pursue EXCELLENCE relentlessly

    We hold ourselves accountable to consistently deliver disciplined execution on a shift to shift basis.

  • We live GENUINE CARE

    We care about each other, our hotels, our guests and our communities in which we serve.

  • We embrace GROWTH

    Growth is in our DNA.  We take pride and invest in the development of our people and hotels, building from a foundation of strength.

  • We act with INTEGRITY

    We always do what’s right, leading by example and treating others with dignity and respect.

Community Engagement

White Lodging isn’t just a hotel development group.  Our 1,000s of associates are proud members of the communities in which we operate.  Giving back is a pillar of the White Family and White Lodging, and since our founding in 1985, we have supported a wide range of local organizations and invested in legacy-building projects that support sustainable economic and social wellbeing.

Over the past five years the White Family, together with their family foundations, have invested or pledged more than $80 million to universities, local YMCAs, and community centers.  Notably, a combined donation of $30 million was provided in 2018 to support the transformation of the Union Club Hotel at Purdue and $16 million was provided to Big Shoulders Fund to expand support and assistance to elementary schools and high schools that primarily serve students from low-income backgrounds.

In honor of the White Family’s longstanding support, in October 2021 Purdue University changed the name of its hospitality program to the White Lodging – J.W. Marriott, Jr. School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.  The latest $5 million pledge from the White family provides the foundation for an honors program in hospitality, an endowed scholarship for top hospitality students and a named headship in the school.


In 1985, Bruce White established White Lodging with a single hotel and a singular vision – to build a company that will last forever and that is recognized as the very best at what we do.  As a private company, we have the unique privilege to invest in you from the time you’re hired to the time you retire.  It starts from day one – and in some cases, before day one – and begins a circle of hospitality excellence across all disciplines and career moments.