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Sales and Marketing:

The Sales and Marketing department follows a common goal throughout the organization; market share growth. Divided into two divisions, select service and full service, for greater accountability and expertise, we are able to add value and better meet the needs of hotel expansion based on our breadth of talent and specialization. Because of our size and flexibility, we are able to move resources for an opening or takeover, ensuring we are maximizing the value of the asset immediately and continuously. Furthermore, sales leadership is deployed regionally, where our hotels are located, ensuring “boots on the ground coverage,” while offering the unique ability to provide focus and accountability to high impact assets. Our Sales and Marketing approach is consistent and measured. Although entrepreneurial by nature, the sales division follows common procedures, processes, methods, and goals to run and grow our business. This practice ensures we are consistent in our approach, enabling Sales Leaders to move from one hotel to another, understanding the way we conduct business. Additionally, our connection to the Brands is impressive. By staying deep with the brands, with representation on Hilton, Hyatt, and Marriott Advisory Boards, we are able to collaborate on decisions to ensure maximum financial results, both short and long term for our hotels.

Revenue Management:

White Lodging provides an industry leading team that is dedicated to consistently delivering increased revenue, profit margins, and market share. Our unique combination of both strategic and tactical expertise will assist hotels in maximizing the properties full potential. The partnership with each hotel is enhanced through our consistent approach and delivery of services which revolve around the fundamentals of pricing, inventory controls, segmentation analysis, forecasting and demand generation. White Lodging is committed to staying ahead of the curve through the development of analytical tools to ensure accurate and proactive decisions, while also supporting and leveraging the resources from our brand partners.

Digital Marketing:

White Lodging Digital Marketing works with our owners and hotels to design plans that meet their specific needs. We are our own harshest critic, continually fine-tuning each targeted plan to maximize ROI as a proactive response to detailed monthly reporting and ongoing forecasts/trends. Our results speak for themselves: 20 percent of year over year revenue growth on brand.com for three years running. Add that in with the highest performance by a Marriott global franchisee on brand.com and cutting-edge strategy, you have a track record of proven success, now and in the ever-changing digital marketing space.

Food and Beverage:

A blend of uniquely designed restaurants and brands that continually perform above average, the diverse restaurant portfolio at White Lodging focuses on both the food and the experience. We work with experts in the field to develop restaurant concepts that both complement the market of the hotel and provide diners with the best dishes, both in the restaurant and in in-room dining. A franchisee partnership with TGI Fridays allows White Lodging to operate one of the most well-known brands in the business, resulting in some of the highest revenue restaurants in the brand.


We know it is paramount for the long term stability and financial success of a hotel that it is well operated. Our talented and well-trained operations team drives excellent results by maintaining a balanced focus on the guest, the owner and the associate. We operate all White Lodging managed hotels using our proven “White Lodging Way” which provides our managers with the systems, tools and processes to effectively manage all sizes and brands of hotels. We provide each and every individual property with support, focus and leadership in all disciplines of managing a hotel. It’s a proven system, and we have received awards from most of the major brands for operational excellence. Because we’re also owners of hotels, we understand the owner’s perspective and manage every asset in our portfolio as if we owned it.


Working across all three divisions of White Lodging, the IT department is uniquely qualified to design and monitor the technology in your property. The department is involved from a hotel’s conception, including technology in the discussion of project management with the development division and working directly with the operations division to provide technology for the property’s business needs. We leverage the size of our centralized systems for the benefit of our owners. The department maintains strong relationships with brand technology champions, and has representatives serving on both the Marriott and Starwood technology advisory councils.

Asset Management:

We take the time to understand each asset and its relative performance in its market and identify how to maximize asset value. Once the asset management team agrees on that goal with ownership, through our annual business planning process and ongoing ownership reporting we communicate our progress towards achieving it.