Restaurant Development

Restaurant Portfolio

At White Lodging, we treat our restaurant portfolio as if each restaurant is a stand alone venue run by an award-winning food and beverage team, there just happens to be a hotel attached. That means we can really focus on the food, atmosphere and experience and give our directors of food and beverage and chefs the ability to be creative. Our portfolio consists of three concepts:

We manage $60 million in restaurant sales, including two TGI Fridays and seven Starbucks. We also execute $95 million in catering and banquets. 

Feeling parched? We're sharing the recipes of some of our favorite cocktails!   


"We work with a produce company here in town that sends me an email every three days that gives me a list of everything that’s local and how many miles away it is. We bring in a lot of random stuff that’s not on the menu and we just start playing around with it." –Patrick Taylor, executive chef at MIllioke

"I love kitchens. I love the people. I love the atmosphere. Part of what I really enjoy about my job now is coming up with ideas." –Sean Rush, Director of Food & Beverage, Marriott Denver Westminster

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