Dave Sibley

Chief Operating Officer, Full Service

After serving as the company's president and CEO for 10 years, Mr. Sibley decided to return to his passion of working more directly with the properties and at the end of 2016, became the COO of the full service division.

White Lodging's revenue and growth projections have us reaching $2 billion in 2018. With those numbers in mind, the company's focus is on its mission of maximizing the value of every asset, including associates and properties. White Lodging is strategic with its growth and does not want to take on new management contracts for growth's sake, but instead focus on contracts where the company can add value for the owners.

White Lodging's vision is to be the most-desired and highly-valued third party management company of premium brands, full and select service, in the United States. In addition, White Lodging prefers to work with a small group of owners where a collaborative partnership exists that enhances value for both parties.

White Lodging is driven by its core values of growth, ethical, accountable, reliability, genuine care and impact. The company works hard to add value and not confuse activity with accomplishment. When taking over a hotel contract, White Lodging wants to stabilize within six months, add value within 12 months and be at peak performance within 24 months. This does not happen without a strong plan and holding each other highly accountable.

White Lodging is constantly looking for "A" talent (superstars) to support its growth. Company leaders believe in hiring before they need the position. In addition, the company has a strong track record of 80 percent of its GMs and 75 percent of its regional vice presidents being promoted internally. White Lodging doesn't hire for a position; White Lodging hires for the career progression to match its growth.

White Lodging believes in giving back to the community. Over the years, the company raised more than $500,000 for Back On My Feet, an organization that helps homeless people achieve confidence, independence and employment. 

Contact: dave.sibley@whitelodging.com